April Rain School of Chinese Dance

Studio ClassAt April Rain School of Chinese Dance, we teach a variety of Chinese dances: Chinese classical, Chinese Ballet and contemporary, and mostly Chinese folk dances. Chinese dance is for everyone and not just Asian girls.

There are many ethnic groups in China. Each one of them has their own culture and unique style of music and dance. Learning Chinese folk dances is not only to enjoy their beauty but also to learn Chinese culture in a fun way. Meanwhile the body training in dance enhances the development of fine and gross motor skills as children run, skip, leap, stretch, coordinate, isolate and move to the music.

The curriculum is designed to gently introduce students to a structured and safe classroom environment while instilling in them the physical and emotional confidence to explore and create. In our dance class, there are 3 major categories that we learn:

Technique training   Choreography & dance expression   Culture - Chinese minorities
The most essential part includes Chinese dance technique, the Ballet technique, flexibility stretching, strength, balance control and more. One can never look elegant and comfortable on the stage unless he/she masters all the fundamental technique practice!   Learn how to perform! Practicing over and over again is the only way to put all the movements together smoothly and to perfect a dance. Emphasis is put on the expression and involvement. An eye-look, smile, hand gesture, or even slight body movement can have big effect and changes the entire impression of a dance.   China is a large nation with 56 minority groups. Each minority has its different life style, costume and characteristic. We need to understand these details in order to grasp the nuance of the dance that represents each different minority.

April Rain Dance has been invited to perform around Austin. The stage experiences, while enrich children's life, give them confidence to face diverse audiences. Adult class is great for adults to have exercise, to keep a young body, soft and strong, graceful and charming. It's also a place to develop friendship.

Teachers' Bio:

April Rain Chinese Dance Director/Teacher XiWei ChenXiwei (Sherry) Chen

Received dance training and education from Chongqing Opera & Dance Theater. Hold a B. A from Sichuan University, a Master of Education from UT Austin. Funded April Rain in 2003.      

April Rain Chinese Dance Teacher: NanaFan Yang (Nana)

Graduated from Beijing Capital Normal University Dance Education. Secondary School of Beijind Dance Academy. Participated in many famous dance performances in China. A beloved dance teacher for years. Highly experienced in dance choreography and teaching.

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email: Sherry Chen contact@aprilrainchinesedance.com 512-784-1043 (cell), 512-288-2512 (evening)
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